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There are real-life slave auctions happening in Libya and people are outraged.

#jadine James Reid/Nadine lustre together Again in surprise new movie about reckless millennial love, first Shootin…

On Nov 8th CVP Rahul Gandhi was in Surat and he interacted with people from the textile and diamond industry. Watch…

“Yeeeeees” “Yes” “Mahal”

Hello world ?

Rachel Peters Vote on Twitter: #MissUniverse #Philippines

the happiest when they're together?

Journalists and activists in Mexico say a federal protection program for journalists, known as “the Mechanism” is i…

Shameful that President Trump's accomplishments get so little coverage. 4Q GDP Forecast of an astounding 3.8% despi…

Jimmy & @Maroon5 surprise NYC subway riders with a spontaneous concert #FallonTonight

180818 Knowing Bros #lucas #nct ©️6sec_mark

IMAGINE HAVING A PRESIDENT LIKE THIS. 🔥🇮🇩#OpeningCeremonyAsianGames2018

Our Official Trailer!!! In Cinemas starting August 29, 2018! #TheHowsOfUsTrailer

Official Trailer | 'The Hows Of Us' via #TheHowsOfUsTrailer

Watch it on Youtube. #TheHowsOfUsTrailer Official Trailer | 'The Hows Of Us'

iKONICS singing For You for iKON while waiting for encore ❤❤ #iKONTINUEinSEOUL

[ROUGH trans.] Hanbin: "today while we were rehearsing... when i was in the restroom.. when we were doing WIN... i…

New season, new club. Here's how to fix your CR7 shirt 😉

Sooooo I have a surprise... I posted something fun with Solana check it out if u want 😜

[ENG SUB] Reporter talks about EXO "From what I heard, they caused a huge commotion. A new group with all the memb…