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.@CLewandowski_: "There was no collusion, cooperation or coordination with Russia."

Help them and moms be free!.. #668Bebek #668Babies #668BabiesAreInPrison #668BabysHinterGittern #668BabiesBehindBars

• Married at age 13 • Abandoned her child • Became a prostitute The story of a child bride in Senegal.

jungkook speaking in fluent tagalog, motivation ? #LABAN_PH_ARMYs

Seonho dancing to Very Very Very by IOI. So stiff yet so cute. Kyaa~~ cr: seonoyou

Hi @IndiaToday any views about Milind Soman’s 75+ year old mother running barefoot in a saree ?

Moonbyul.. lord i love you #마마무 #mamamoo #moonbyul #문별

BTS & Red Velvet - Save Me X Russian Roulette #GoToe #BTS #RedVelvet

when wheein sang lay it down.. i died #마마무 #mamamoo #wheein

Henry: “He’s not on the wall.” Zlatan: “You know why? They still don’t know how god is looking.” ??? #mufc [sky]

I’m calling on my Republican colleagues to stand w Democrats & people across the country by taking action to hold R…

I made @itsjojosiwa help me test AMAZING hot glue gun hacks that I found! RT for a chance at a shoutout in my next…

The Killers "Somebody told me "

WATCH: Lights in White House go out as Pres. Trump says he has "full faith and support for America's intelligence a…

20 minute LFC Follow Train 🚊 To gain active #LFC followers. Retweet This 🔴 Like This 🔴 Follow Back All 🔴 100…

“There will be generations to come that will be talking about this moment in history." Sen. Cory Booker says this i…

Probably the best clutch in Fortnite history 😳 *NSFW* (via @RichmondJake_, RichmondJake/YouTube)

🚨 The TOP 10 PLAYS of the 2017-18 regular season! 🚨 #BESTofNBA #NBATop10


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