sweet lies 🔥
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Pennywise: There's TV cameras down here. LaVar Ball:

i'm crying disconsolately bc of this project for jimin's bday, he deserves whole world with his face © jindbsk00

???Watch as @18franks leads UF to victory over Tennessee with a game-ending Hail Mary. The Gators have a QB!!!! ???

jimin really did that

Let. John. Kelly. Cook.

Boise State has a dog that retrieves the tee after kick-offs ?

Does it get any better than this? ? #TheSwamp is a magical place. #GoGators


A reminder that @BTS_twt teasers r sometimes different from the MV. If u think u r ready for DNA then think again

Call these criminals out! @ShaunKing is a needed voice in today's world. If this doesn't anger you, you're evil.

Jongin mentioned that Chanyeol's selca are really the best and he also told moonkyu about yeol's fashion being very…

When they were told that they have to move their seats, jongin sounded extra sweet and polite as he says "we'll mov…

The boss has given his thoughts on @PaulPogba's "brilliant" #WorldCup campaign... #MUFC #MUTOUR

Jongin teach Moonkyu how to say 안녕하세요 with the correct voice tone. Then suddenly there a moment his tone is differe…

Brand new @zaynmalik is here! Watch the video for "Sour Diesel" on @AppleMusic:

Drake vibessss

Raptors fans know it wasn’t DeMar’s fault 🙃 (submitted by @zachreid._)

Penny Hardaway turns 47 today. He was way ahead of his time 🔥

#sourdiesel 🎞 video exclusively on @AppleMusic

Give us 5 minutes and 19 seconds of your time and stream Fake Love on Youtube for RIAA Gold 📀 Our fandom is so powe…