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Camila today with fans (via @Cabellosaff) #2

a short video of just donghae laughing because he truly has a beautiful laugh which screams happiness and joy ?

Kyrie Irving on opening night. ?

can you believe that taehyung is the cutest and most positive human puppy on this planet

This day. This moment. It was heard around the world. ?

.@dbongino: "Here's a pro-tip - you probably shouldn't deliver pallets of cash to a regime whose motto is, like, 'Dā€¦

jimin & jungkook are crying tears of joy im- they finally made it & are living out their dreams i love them

The women are going to BRING IT at #UFC217!!

The prize on the line... There's nothing else like it. #BeatTexas


Teachers are some of the most dedicated people in this country. But teachers are getting crushed by student loans &ā€¦

When you realize you now have a whole new set of players to blame when things go wrong in the playoffs

šŸŽ„ Led by Mykhailiuk's 19 points, five Lakers reach double-digit scoring as they down the Pistons, 101-78 #LakersWin

France's World Cup win shows us that a successful football team doesn't mean a successful society

Smh Canela pawned my chain to get a pedicure and then left me for a new family šŸ˜ž

Time to say goodbye. See you in September, lads. šŸ‘‹ #threelions

why does he looks so miserable? lol

Russia 2018: An unforgettable tournament #WorldCup Full video šŸ‘‰

France's locker room was šŸ”„ after the final whistle

Blink 182 "I miss you"