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?‼️?? #Germany: Nocturnal riots and threats to security personnel and police by #Merkel refugees in #Deggendorf: "W…

Emmanuel Eboué's story is heartbreaking. (via: @MirrorDarren)


v: ya! jm: why!! v: don't touch me jm: i like you v: don't touch me really

.@KyrieIrving making it look easy! ?

"i'm an angel" yes, claim it

[VID] 171226 #Chaeyeon @ TV Movie "Love Again"'s Trailer #DIA #다이아 #정채연 #채연 #LALA #LoveAgainLiveAgain

Hyuk: Ken sshi please don't lean on me Ken: Why~ (super cutely) Hyuk: Ken sshi? Ken: Why~~ (adds cute pouting) Yo…

He makes no mistake this time! @Leighgriff09 doubles the lead! #DUNCEL

Turned down by flight for a donut at the end of the runway. No idea why!!!! @Qantas #flightsimulation #A380

This guy broke the Matrix #SCtop10 (via @FaZeClan)

On This Date: Five years ago, Ray Allen hit one of the most clutch shots in NBA history.

PARTNERS IN CRIME: The mother of this Texas tot says her daughter hates taking naps - so much so that she enlisted…

180617 #WWIC2018 Filming CF H: (directing Y) The price changed & u cant believe how cheap it is M: 2+2=4 (doesnt k…


wait for it...

Mom elephant gently protects her curious baby boy from onlookers. Elephants are so majestic and wise.


if you really really want me, tell me

The BEST PLAYS from the 2017-18 regular season! #BESTofNBA