The disrespect lmao
By @kyungsoo_stan | 1 week ago

“When you try to sing all the parts” I’m dead ??

@realDonaldTrump @daveweigel @washingtonpost Hey Dave, just a video clip of the event you tried to say had a small…

Complete dominance from @daigothebeast with the amazing punish to win the set 3 - 0 over @GOOD_NEMO! Don't miss out…

kanye is too much ??

RT if you agree that ALL animals should be allowed to live this peacefully ?

VOTE FOR IAIN TO WIN! 090204424 11 or 64424 11, use the app for FIVE FREE VOTES #TeamIain @TeamIainLee...

He killed it ??

Nirvana "Heart-Shaped Box"

You just want attention, you don’t want my heart .. Add me on snapchat cabitaylor i add back ❤️??

A stroll in the park. #ShoheiDay

im actually tearing up wtf i want to protect yoongi with everything i have

I knew this was too random 😅 ... from now on we have to be careful with everything BTS does! Even the smallest brea…

180527 Aladdin Fansign another angle of jikook coming out from the building together💘 cr FOR_THE_F1RST

the cutest bfs

Jurgen Klopp at 6am this morning. What a man. 🔴

Kihyun was crying so hard and everyone started to cry too 😭 I dont even understand Korean but suddenly I thought ab…

180527 Aladdin Fansign Jikook side by side👏🏻❤️ cr fate_jimin #지민 #정국

yoongi: next question "does yoongi hyung only know yoongi hyung's studio passcode?" but actually someone knew it an…


dance practice - jungkook's part