ohHh my gof little one looks like hes having SO much fun ???
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Have yourself a @okcthunder debut, PG! ?: 28 pts, 6 rebs, 6 3pm


We chilling man ??

German Shepherd wants to hula hoop

The craziest sugariest milkshakes

Now that we have passed the 2018 #budget, it's time to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity & pa…

Joe Biden: Trump's 'absolutely bizarre' conduct is making European leaders view him as another Mussolini


Allen Bailey kicking Gabe Jackson. No flag

Bernice A King receives the 2017 Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum

🎂 Today is a special day for Sergio #Busquets! 🎈 🎊 Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your day!🎉

This DHA vehicle with official number plates taking down PMLN posters ahead of elections on July 25.

#WOOZI: i was going to answer but i suddenly forgot what to say....i’m sorry...oh! i remember! #SEUNGKWAN: 😂😂😂…

Bacon Wrapped Burger Roll FULL RECIPE HERE:

This 11-year-old boy began drawing professionally at the age of 8, creating incredible lifelike art.

#WATCH A portion of tent in PM Narendra Modi’s rally in Midnapore collapsed during his speech today. PM instructed…

Back where it all began! My home town! Thank you everyone in Braine-le-Comte and all those that went to the Hazard…

⚽🏆 WORLD CUP GOLDEN BALL 🇭🇷 @lukamodric10

I'm proud to lead a party founded by trade unions, supported by trade unions and am proud to be a trade unionist my…

[VID] #SEVENTEEN - Oh My! Point Choreography 1) cupid dance to shoot carats’ hearts 💎❤️🏹 2) oh my! dance (they ask…