let us not forget this amazing verse, one of his best
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On this day in 1999, it was a family affair on #RAW as @VinceMcMahon went one-on-one with... @shanemcmahon?!

we are eating good tonight ladies !!!

“who else is confused because the theories?” @BTS_twt #화양연화TheNotes

.@JasonWitten gives a special shoutout to his longtime QB @tonyromo. #ThankYouWitten

The ultimate teammate. #ThankYouWitten #ThankYou82

Hey night owls! Remember, you can still #VoteLabour this evening – polls are open until 10pm. Find your polling sta…

Quentin Grimes caught a life ☠️ @qdotgrimes

This is how Seokjin saved Jungkook from suffering pain at the hospital after the accident happened in Wonder Era.…

Sarah Sanders torches April Ryan: "With all due respect, you actually don't know much about me."

Justin Bieber via Instagram Stories.

His laugh is gold. We need to hear it and see it again. #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요

#AravindhaSamethaTeaser Trending #1 on YouTube with 9 Million Views & Counting!

This gave me a heart attack #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요

TAKE MY WHOLE HEART #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요


IM CRYING #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요

Hoseok really doesn’t need to show anything or do anything fancy to make it iconic. Remember this @BTS_twt…

.@ArianaGrande pays tribute to Aretha Franklin by covering “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” on The Tonight…

Wake Up — feat. 💙.

You make my life so much better :( #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요