joon: they're [1d] like the biggest boyband in the world interviewer: they WERE... joon:
By @dewyblush | 7 months ago

Me trying to show off in front of my crush

Most savage kicker in the game. @PatMcAfeeShow

An end-of-day update!! ???

Frederica Wilson's reaction to #JohnKelly gut wrenching briefing, “I’m a rock star now”. What an abomination!

Nicki Minaj speaking to Stage Door Manor kids tonight at The Met Breuer.

An accurate representation of my life in six seconds

everybody discovering guru gossip and lipstick alley for the first time today

Former President Obama stumps for gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam at a rally in Richmond, Virginia. Read more…

Pat Bev welcoming Lonzo to the league ?

.@Larrydn22 showing off some ?'s early!

Enjoy watching psychological thriller film #KannukkulNilavu today at 1 PM on @KTVTAMIL @actorvijay #Shalini…

i love how tata and cooky are inseparable, just like their creators

"I came here with my boyfriend" "ur boyfriend is here?" *shows a mirror* "⊙♡⊙" THE AMOUNT OF UWUS IS OVERFLOWIN…

The official lyric video for #OnlyYou with @CheatCodesMusic is out now on @Vevo 🧜💙

Fresh to death. Season 2 of Marvel's #LukeCage is now streaming, only on Netflix.

I will stick with my blue FNB Card

@j_blsri0 One way to find out @j_blsri0! Drop by to our Facebook page at 4PM and catch them duel it out in the…

[LOTTE DUTY FREE] LDF '냠' Campaign With SuperJunior น่ารักมากกกกกก😍😍😍

@YamZonEmpire @mwtrendsetter @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_ We're excited too! Fizz up your afternoon with the…