here’s a very short compilation of some jonghyun moments that made me laugh and hopefully will make you too
By @jeon970 | 6 months ago

Yes guys, I actually filled my swimming pool with 10 alligators. I'm officially crazy don't miss it -…

Are you guys excited (about KCON)? And what can we expect? Jaehyun: We are having KCON on June in New York and we…

full sun~

30 seconds of Momo being the cutest after putting glasses on

Who made this edit? I just want to talk. Better get @BTS_twt as your new spokesperson @Nestle MILO

"No puck shall pass." - Martin Jones. #StanleyCup

When the news AND the police right there but on sight is ON SIGHT #repost 😂:

"Richman" production presentation live broadcast at 2PM KST 📺 SUHO will be there as well. youtube:- iHQ channel…

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Rolling Papers 2 July 13th🐉

N'Golo Kanté with his family - clear to see where he gets that smile from...

Eminem, Xzibit & Dr. Dre performing What's the Difference during the Up in Smoke Tour in 2000.

We crossed 750k followers!!! YOU'RE ALL GREAT so we're giving away 5 swag packs (including a Wumpus plushie) as a t…

help he’s so cute

MORE OF THIS: Sarah Sanders tries to silence an important question by @HallieJackson about the president's failure…

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To Perth! 👋