*fishing* Ong: Ah it ate and went away.. *gives up and lies down* Ong: Ah I don't know anymore I don't know anymor…
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Still hurt that this performance by @Trevornoah , @bonang_m and @eugenekhoza didn't get an Oscars consideration???

Lost Frequencies @LFrequencies #ArenalSound2018

? 171204 LOTTE DUTY FREE music video #NCT #TEN ????❤ KOR Ver. ? CHN Ver. ?…

Make the Quran your best friend; the more you sit with it, the more it honours you, gives you its secrets and eleva…

Pls anticipate Sehun’s photoshoot in Leon Korea’s January issue -.,-

yall in a blink of an eye taehyung just did THAT (c) do_kookv

The batmen of the sea jumping out of the water

RT if you would throw her off the bridge

? #OnThisDay in 2013... An unbelievable performance from @LuisSuarez9 ??

Jackson at the end: Mummy, don't mind me


the power he has...even the camera was shaking

JY: Lately Woojin hyung like me too much. After rehearsal he will immediately run to me WJ: Agree, I like you. but…

Hello kissables sharing you a video on our way to Bulacan for fantastica shooting excited & inspired just like what…

daeinfit IG STORY

Best wishes .@RoarForJess from .@Arsenal 🔴⚪️

a compilation of jungkook with his hair pushed back, we love forehead

go.r.geous IG STORY

This is the moment when everybody dies because of too much hotness 🔥😍 #Jungkook #정국 @BTS_twt - ♠️

The people of Eshowe cutting each other’s hair.