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The old golf course proposal ??

When the sounds just suddenly stop Jonghyun face be like "opps!bithc you thought we are lipsyncing but no."

“How’s 2018 for you so far?”

26. She said yes but the ring said NOPE. ???

Teamwork making the dream work. #SCtop10 (via @bryanbrosgolf and coach_rusty/Instagram)

future child: what was life like when u were growing up mom? me:

Slender Man is coming, watch the first trailer now! #CanYouSeeHim? ?

Blake Griffin was a man amongst boys ?

My Redneck Model Buddy #usa #redneck #woods #mountains #husband #muscle #bear #musclebear…

Why does the map of Congressional districts look like it could have been drawn by my five-year-old daughter? I expl…

French bulldog watching over her puppies after a C Section

I've never laughed so much before loool I'm in tears. Take this L and move on @rioferdy5

Nicki Minaj when she sees Stormi

He really asked if Kobe could handle The Big 3 😂 (via @thebig3)


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➪ #임여진 . *⊹˚ im yeojin © loona on the sky ⍈ 180819

Zion and R.J. are gonna be fun this season #DukeCanadaTour 🇨🇦 (via @TSN_Sports)

Historic. Unstoppable. 😡 Number 27 for @JosefMartinez17

There it is! @JosefMartinez17 ties the record for most goals scored in a single MLS season. #ATLvCLB