Y’all can get irritated, I’m not here 4 u, I’m here for the 10 year old baby girl who wudnt go swimming with her fr…
By @ThickLeeyonce | 5 months ago

“you may now kiss the bride” (???) moment #SongSongCoupleWedding ✨

remember when taehyung did a dubsmash of "jimin you got no jams" and still iconic

*Yawn* #wantedHogger

'Testing' coming soon..⚠️ @asvpxrocky

1 minute preview ng AC’s Life S03E01!!!! :)

Awwww sweet ♥️ #SongSongCouplewedding

look how joongki rubs hye kyo's hand with his fingers while saying their wedding vows ? #SongSongCoupleWedding

Another UPA era #1000CrKickBackScam exposed; Income tax probe launched against corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar


#Blockchain recap Hyperledger Composer #IoT #IIoT #AI #ML #DL #BigData #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #Industry40

The whole of the nation when Alex kisses Ellie.. #LoveIsland⁠ ⁠

👀 Who wants to go behind the scenes at @Bernd_Leno's first day at Arsenal? #HeyLeno We think you'll like this 👇

warning: his silhouette + this choreo can be dangerous

Offseason Jimmy Butler is having fun 😂

This vet locked himself in a hot car for 30 minutes to show what it’s like for a dog — here’s what happened.

For the second time in this #WorldCup, the @Budweiser #ManoftheMatch is @TeamRussia's @Cheryshev! #RUSEGY

THE VIDEO IS UP! This is what would happen if you sat at our lunch table

THIS WEEK’S VIDEO IS UP ft. @jamescharles @emmachambie We mucked a lot of food 🥤🍔🥞🥓

A bus company employee in Maine told a group of passengers they had to be US citizens in order to ride a bus after…