Who would've thought that reporter in Apink News would meet our girls again, 5 years later? ( credits to…
By @pink_panda419 | 7 months ago

Have you seen our latest exclusive with @ElisseJoson? Read up on her newest venture, vlogging! ❤…

(abt being too lazy to get out of bed) JH: this was us ytd at the dorm JN: almost questioning if i'm a person or not

Joe Thomas consecutive snap streak extended to 10,062 on Sunday. He's yet to miss a snap in his 11-year career.

Happy Birthday @USAirForce! Thank you to the heroes who protect us & the families who love them!

Can you win a championship without LeBron? @KyrieIrving:

#1 tranding in the US! @BTS_twt


The #OneMoreLight video is beautiful in every way. Heart-wrenching to see this at the end. We miss you, @ChesterBe.…

Kyrie Irving been roasting Max Kellerman on First Take ALL SHOW LONG ? ? ?

CEO JIN didn't forget to blow reporters and journalists his signature kiss ^^

.@DLoesch: If parents want their kids’ teachers armed, and the teachers are willing to be armed, they should be abl…

This is every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true

QB respect between Cam & @TroyAikman 🙌

Dermaplaning is a good method of exfoliation 😯

Ava DuVernay (@ava) talking about NEW GODS. Boy, I'm so excited to see this movie !

How people think SinB is: 🔥⚠🔫🔞💣🚨💀💲🚫🔥😈💢💣🔪💀🔥🚫💣😠🚫🔥😪🚨🔪😈🔫💲🚫💢💣💀🔥 How SinB actually is: 💓💖💗🌸🍥🍦🍧🍰🍬🍭🍪🍼🍯🌈🎁🎀💠🍉🍓🌷🌸🍥🍧🍰🌈🍓🍬💓🍭🍯🌷🍬💗

Again, his quick reflex

Happy graduation! Here are 4 tips for new grads on living a successful life:

How’s your day going? Me:

A new island, new enemies and new friends! Take on the Donkey Kong Adventure in #MarioRabbids, coming soon...