What every ESPN employee hears instead of Yanny or Laurel
By @BurressSam | 3 months ago

Arsène Wenger = the boss... and here's @piresrobert7 to explain why #MerciArsène

3,000 yrs ago, King David made Jerusalem his capital. Since the re-establishment of the Jewish State in the Jews' a…

A moving and emotional performance from Russia's @jsvok #ESC2018 #AllAboard #RUS

A friends of mine is trying to spread love, happiness and accomplishment. I think this is great and a good way to m…

listen to him!! HE HAS A POINT!!

THE BIG BIRD! Tiger gets back to even par with an eagle at No. 9. #LiveUnderPar

*NEW VIDEO* Ever wondered why self-loathing losers adopt left-wing politics? Wonder no more.

🔥 @JHARDEN13 x WARRIORS 🔥 Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM! 🚀 🎟

Golf Ball hitting a Balloon full of paint! 🎈 ⛳️ #ThursdayThoughts #Tech #Klout #photography

You gotta love kids always finding a Saucy way to learn without knowing you learning over a 🔥 beat! 😂🤣 look at…

Don’t retweet this video I found, it would be VERY bad for @realDonaldTrump. It’s him doing business in Turkey: “We…

i could listen to him talk for the longest time yoongi's voice is so beautiful

Odell too smooth (via @DanLeach971)

Moose in Alaska

.@TJHaLy just went OFF dropping 58 kills...FOR THE L! @TeamKaliber take map one vs. @TheRiseNation.…

clumsy boy

Florida officer responds to call about missing 3-year-old girl—and finds her trapped in a hot car, where she'd been…


When you're cute yet misunderstood. Happy #BlackCatAppreciationDay!

god is a woman @ArianaGrande