We'll take it! Marwin doubles and scores on an E4! #Astros lead 4-0!
By @astros | 7 months ago

Google earth is shinning example of unrelenting advance technology

? Happy 30th Frank Ocean ? It's a perfect day to revisit Blonde →

jimin's laugh is the purest thing i have ever heard in my entire existence

.@JHarden13 last night - "That was simply not Kosher!" ?27 pts ?10 reb ?11 ast ✔️Triple-Double ✔️#Rockets win!

look at this cutie with chanyeol ps: he is such a cute bean

jimin acting like he wasn't just caught being all cute and playful with his bf

.@SheriffClarke "The FBI is a proud organization.. it had a lot of integrity until the Obama administration"!

During Anthem, DoubleB looks like they're having a dance battle? so cute!! ??? B.I ▶️ Bobby ☺️…

Back 2 U should be nominated for best vocal performance WAKE UP @MnetMAMA

171028 Chanyeol Previews on Master Key!!!!

Turkish lira further weakens today against the dollar. Its losses amount to some 20% this year. Lira stands at 4.88…

I love it when boyfriends are patient enough to accompany you to the salon, the spa, your derma or to go shopping.…

"Hey you! Yeah you!" We ❤️ this from @FoxSports!

When #Champiom does what he is second best at! #WhistlePodu #Yellove 💛🦁 via @ipl

Wireless charging all your mobile devices is here

Thank u @NSaina for the challenge #HumFitTohIndiaFit Post pictures and videos of how you keep yourself fit and…

chenle and his family!! he looks so happy my heart is full of love ♡♡♡ I'm glad he got to spend time with them!

[INSTAGRAM] 180523 mylovekbs IG Update with #EXO #KAI 🔗 @weareoneEXO #PremiosMTVMiaw…

WP: We didn’t fist fight, it’s more like I enjoy teasing and joking around the hyungs. For example, when Jaehyung h…

🤣🤣 @theweeknd @cashup with the commentary 😂 🎥: @iluvlola