Washington D.C. ?
By @Zedd | 7 months ago

"Finally, you're mine." #FiftyShadesFreed

2 Hour M4A1-S | Hyper Beast Giveaway! To win you must! ⚡ RT + Like + Follow ⚡ Like: ⚡ Tag…

I asked @JoeBiden to run for President in 2020.

Trump today: U.S.-China trade relationship is unfair "but I don't blame China." Trump in 2016: "We can't continue…

The Rams offense has gone from one of the worst in the NFL to first in scoring (@ATT)

Finn is legit me w my friends - @FinnSkata

Part 1 ?? #MutlulukZamanı

.@TheJudge44 is larger than life … literally. Look for the @MLBTheShow cover star in Times Square!

the stranger things kids never fail to surprise me tbh

These Hoseok fanscams will forever be iconic, he really went so hard and did THAT!!!! A dance legend

Kuanlin was wrong when he did the intro of No.1 😂 Jihoon's reaction:

Photo Book Light & Shadow #เป๊กผลิตโชค

Jihoon: this is not a car! Jihoon: I am not a car! Jisung: *jumped for piggy back ride* Jisung: can I ride Jihoonie…

‘I can’t get you off my mind; I can’t get you off in general’ This is THE best song of year @Jbrekkie

England fan's celebrations went through the ROOF last night 😮😂

We lifted our eighth FA Cup trophy 1️⃣ month ago today! 🏆

What is going on in Spain training?! 😂🐧

Don't call me 'Manu' - French President reprimands teen

If Trump is a Dangerous Racist then why do Y’all Want the illegals to live here with him ? If you can answer this…