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@WannaOne_twt [#wannaoneinHK] Here's a sneak peak of the adorable #ParkWooJin and the charismatic #HwangMinHyun?…

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus performs 'The Climb', for the first time in 6 years, in honor of the #LasVegas victims

Miley Cyrus perform's 'The Climb' live on Jimmy Fallon tonight in honor of the Las Vegas Tragedy. ❤️ ??…

How bout those CHIEEEEEFS! Shot on a @GarminOutdoor Virb Ultra 30.

Miley performing The Climb on national television after 6 years. I'm crying

Good morning Twitterworld ? Rise and shine...

icantbeathe the guy had to double take bc the hedgehog had rhe same hair color as jimin

A snippet of my stand up performance tonight at Rudyards in South Houston.The rest is on my YouTube. ??

just found this video of me singing goodnight to my little pup ? im so obsessed with him lol

@WannaOne_twt [171003 #wannaoneinHK] #ParkJiHoon 's childhood dream was to be the prince in fairytales. Who's Jiho…

[VIDEO] 180621 Micon Interview_ EXO 엑소 EXO PLANET #4 -The EℓyXiOn in HONG KONG #7: The Special Interview for a worl…

In Indonesia, activists are recycling food from weddings to feed the poor in Jakarta slums.

the fangirls

180621, @BTS_twt's message for Love Yourself World Tour in Seoul 💖

[#MCOUNTDOWN On-Air] @SHINee Congratulations!!🏆🥇 This week’s winner is #SHINee_IWantYou #SHINee 💖Encore stage w…

[#MCOUNTDOWN On-Air] @SHINee #SHINee #IWantYou Watch▶️ Now

Daniel: Hi? I’m your friend called Samoyed. I’m a samoyed that grew up in Youngdo, Busan. *does dog language*

“Congratulations on being NCT” ok mood

Micon Interview_ EXO 엑소 EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn in HONG KONG #7 #SEHUN #세훈

TY jamming cutely to the beat(^ν^)