[#WANNAONEinKL] Not long to go! Do you #WannaBeLoved? Stay tuned here for updates of the #WannaOne Fanmeeting in KL…
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Hurricane Maria is “maybe 10 times over” worse than Katrina, says the man who lead be military effort after Katrina…

slay queens, don’t try this at home ?

"Huh, I've always wondered what that space was for. I just assumed it was for diapers or other baby necessities. Tu…

This is my QB

The definition of country music

"If the President wants to take aim at me, bring it on." San Juan mayor calls out Trump on Puerto Rico recovery…

Ya know, sometimes it's just your year.

NOPE? New set of leathers for @Stefanomanzi62, please! #JapaneseGP

NEW: Mueller’s checking whether he can limit Trump’s Pardon Power. SOMETHING is going on in the Russia scandal

.@Liz_Wheeler: Boy Scouts should be for boys only. Period.

"I talked to Draymond, I talked to KD, I talked to Steph. They were like, 'Hell yeah, let's do it.'" #0Doubt (via…

Let’s see how he did! New video!

The Spurs sent Kawhi to The Wall 😂

A man was playing a pickup basketball game when he was fouled. So he called 911 on a black man.

Chris Brown debuts bust down ankle monitor 💎

These kids keep going off after every play 😂 (via g7basketball/Instagram)

*buys food* friend: can I have a fry? me:

bro.. im speechless. i remember watching this live but i forgot all this was said.

Look at that fox... Sept. 28 @LastManStanding @FOXTV #Fox #LastManStanding