Treat your ears to this lovely cover version of #Neethanae by @innogenga
By @SonyMusicSouth | 9 months ago

This should get infinite retweets ☝??

her: can we go get food me: I already ate her:

they were talking about giving new years money and daehyun said he remembers he gave some to juniors last year and…

"Hi, Cloud. Happy Birthday-- joke lang!" Hay, Kathryn Chandria. ?

shownu (talking about idols looking at wonho's body): "oh so they don't make eye contact with you but look at your…

Happy #NationalBirdDay to all of our friends, fans and followers! How will you be celebrating?

Liberalism & diversity have destroyed the education system.

How I react when I hear/see the Trolls on Twitter... ?

180105 #JBJ at HKG Airport #โนแทฮยอน #ซังกยุน #เคนตะ #คิมยงกุก #ควอนฮยอนบิน #คิมดงฮัน

chan: i couldn’t see this well in australia. i didn’t see much snow in sydney. i like it it!!

I always let them know when it’s time for a snack! Meow meow meow! #BlackCatAppreciationDay 🎥ig: chicagoblackcat

New video shows Judge Kavanaugh praising former Justice Scalia’s view that key cases on women’s reproductive freedo…

Ringo copes with his anxiety by climbing the tallest trees possible!

This bat dog was excited about everything except actually picking up the bat 😂 (via @RailRidersTT)

I'm upset!!!! 🦈

Bron is every parent when you get home from the park 😅 (via @KingJames)

ONE HOUR! @bts_bighit tickets go on sale in just an hour. 😍 #LOVE_YOURSELF 🎟️ 👉

nonchalant video out now 💌


we got another one. TUESDAY NIGHT. Tribe featuring @JColeNC 🥛MILKY WAY🥛 8/24🥛