This was 🔥🔥🔥. Rep. Gerry Connolly reads other anti-Trump emails from Republicans during Peter Strzok's testimony.…
By @AynRandPaulRyan | 6 days ago

Rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I’m not. Some of y’all needa drop the costumes, we can tell lol

Stephen Curry​ has himself a ??? week! #NBAVote

me everywhere there’s music

#NBA Players of the Week... @DeMar_DeRozan of the @Raptors (East) and @StephenCurry30 of the @Warriors (West) in ac…

Australia has been successfully INVADED! African "Refugee" street gangs invade homes, terrorize residents & polic…

Plot twist: Jin is the original game creator. Every ARMYs reaction be like... #BTSoutcastD6

1000 #retweets and I’ll drop my new track #smokepurrp ?™️??

This @SteveAoki/@LaurenJauregui is ??? Wanna hear #AllNight on Fresh!? Cast your #FandomFriday vote at…

Me: "This year I'm minding my own business. I don't have time for y'a..." Also me:

RETWEET so every football player can hear this! ?? ?: @OnlyKingHollis

Mo Salah you absolute legend!

Best moment from Melo’s time in OKC😂😂

this video does things to me

Kobe’s teaching his daughter Gigi the art of Mamba Mentality 🐍

.@Alissonbecker x @LFCTV THAT first in-depth (17mins) video interview:

Marvel’s #SpiderManPS4 story trailer has been revealed, featuring Miles Morales and Silver Sable! #SDCC2018

Never forget.

While #LFC and @OfficialASRoma finalised the details of his transfer on Wednesday evening, @Alissonbecker received…

This is the worst umpire call I’ve ever seen 😳

Maxine Waters district 43 is the worst in Los Angeles. She has been an elected official for 28 years & her district…