This teen returned a wallet that had $1,500 in it. His deed was captured in security camera footage.…
By @CNN | 9 months ago

#PhillyguapFridays coming sooner than soon?

Nice seeing you again @aldenrichards02 ? Lucky us...same flight! #ALDUBxEBLoveis

24 hours. #PSUWhiteOut

The #ThorRagnarok soundtrack is available NOW! Share it with a friend from work:

*bts song begins to play* me:

WHOA. Victor Oladipo skies for one-handed alley-oop ??

Incoming end-to-end @Jack_Eichel11!!!

Obama wants you to stay woke.

#Loveis MAICHARD in their own bubble? #ALDUBxEBLoveIs

turn on sound and enjoy

"I talked to Draymond, I talked to KD, I talked to Steph. They were like, 'Hell yeah, let's do it.'" #0Doubt (via…

Let’s see how he did! New video!

The Spurs sent Kawhi to The Wall 😂

A man was playing a pickup basketball game when he was fouled. So he called 911 on a black man.

Chris Brown debuts bust down ankle monitor 💎

These kids keep going off after every play 😂 (via g7basketball/Instagram)

*buys food* friend: can I have a fry? me:

bro.. im speechless. i remember watching this live but i forgot all this was said.

Look at that fox... Sept. 28 @LastManStanding @FOXTV #Fox #LastManStanding