This park ranger gave her life to protect tourists from armed attackers at an African national park
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GOT7 Japan 2nd Mini Album <TURN UP> Release Date: 2017. 11. 15 UNIT Teaser #3 #GOT7 #TURNUP

GOT7 2nd Mini Album『TURN UP』 2017/11/15 Release UNIT Teaser JB & Mark #GOT7 #TURNUP

here's woohyun giggling on loop

awwww this is so cute

171025 Leaving from the htl #บาสเด็กอ้วนที่แท้จริง #ใหญ่ลักยิ้มยักไหล่2017 #ขุณขิมมอญ #เต้ติสชีวิตโลเทค…

Look who's just woken up ??

171025 INFINITE V LIVE-again, its been long right??Inspirits,come on in woohyun went to zoom in on Sunggyu’s feet…

Killing hippos for their teeth is not illegal.

Technical write up WIP. Meanwhile thought of trolling Twitter liberandus enjoy ??

this is 100% the best curb ur enthusiasm scene of all time btw


Melania’s face after meeting Putin says it all

Remembering Chester Bennington. ❤️

Endless Summer kicks off tonight in Seattle, can’t wait for everyone to see what I’ve been working on..

Didn’t know what to caption this. I’m leaving it to you 🤗❤🐈

Outrageous.Clinton crony Podesta getting immunity from Mueller to testify against Manafort, while getting a get out…

me making my life as difficult as possible for no reason at all

jimin being fascinated by plants 🌱

Wishing you a very happy birthday @upasanakonidela. Sitara truly loves the birds. Thanks to you & Charan for all yo…

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