This has to be one of the top best things to happen from all three days #ElyXiOnInSeoulDay3
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180502 #동해 #Donghae IG Story update

after opening prod

A strikeout ends it! @UCLASoftball completes a comeback yet again to defeat Florida! #WCWS

The BRUINS are bound for the #WCWS semis!

[ENG/sugafull27] 180601 BTS interview with Yeonyegajoongae FULL #PremiosMTVMiaw @BTS_twt…

180602 Donghae IGS Update with SHINee

Marlon Moraes, bruh, we felt that one from Los Angeles 😳.

a loop of our 185cm baby slowly walking to the front while proudly saying “third place!” and raising his hand ㅋㅋ

just how many times did this baby actually stumble during this trip....

769K tweets SECOND SPOT 😂 tweet tweet lang Pls #ALDUBasZacAndZendaya

⚽🏆 WORLD CUP GOLDEN BALL 🇭🇷 @lukamodric10

I'm proud to lead a party founded by trade unions, supported by trade unions and am proud to be a trade unionist my…

[VID] #SEVENTEEN - Oh My! Point Choreography 1) cupid dance to shoot carats’ hearts 💎❤️🏹 2) oh my! dance (they ask…

🔴 LIVE from J|Medical: @Cristiano meets the fans ⚪⚫️📸✍️ #CR7DAY #CR7JUVE

G⚽️AL MORNING!! 🎂Happy Birthday Busi! 🎊Hope you are having a great day🎉


This film was made in 1947... We've come so far....?

his lil run . why so cute

I can't stop watching Pogba's Shaku Shaku... Giving us the Shaku Shaku we didn't see all through the WC in the Fina…

#WorldCup - ✅ Now, just three more weekends before the @PremierLeague returns...