The many faces of Jim Clapper....did anyone watch his interview today on @TheView ? He’s become an even worse liar…
By @mflynnJR | 4 weeks ago

171104 #NCT_127 "Limitless" MV

101 years ago today, a Marine Corps legend was born.

Ong really went and did it Double handed thigh sweep never gonna die ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

this is the happiest ive seen jisoo i cant believe the cure for this world's ugliness has been his laughter all a l…

NCT 127 - Limitless [JAPANESE VER] #MARK

"finally we came back to macau! long time no see everyone~" babyyyy (盐旻 on weibo)

I want to wish Sikhs everywhere a very happy Guru Nanak Gurpurab.

Star Studio Make Me Kilig with MayWard #TAIWANandONLYwithMAYWARD

Jimin is like Namjoon in Hokkaido Basically sitting side #bts #WINGSTOURinMacau

baek z young's "yes sir" at the end is so cute ahhh ♥♥♥

Enjoy watching psychological thriller film #KannukkulNilavu today at 1 PM on @KTVTAMIL @actorvijay #Shalini…

i love how tata and cooky are inseparable, just like their creators

"I came here with my boyfriend" "ur boyfriend is here?" *shows a mirror* "⊙♡⊙" THE AMOUNT OF UWUS IS OVERFLOWIN…

The official lyric video for #OnlyYou with @CheatCodesMusic is out now on @Vevo 🧜💙

Fresh to death. Season 2 of Marvel's #LukeCage is now streaming, only on Netflix.

I will stick with my blue FNB Card

@j_blsri0 One way to find out @j_blsri0! Drop by to our Facebook page at 4PM and catch them duel it out in the…

[LOTTE DUTY FREE] LDF '냠' Campaign With SuperJunior น่ารักมากกกกกก😍😍😍

@YamZonEmpire @mwtrendsetter @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_ We're excited too! Fizz up your afternoon with the…