The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline is not over. Native American tribes recently rode their horses across…
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IT STILL HAUNTS ME [#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt]

Me when I try to impress my crush in public Whoever was screaming is really #ReadyFor a vuvuzela for the 2018 wor…

#JamesComey #HillaryClinton What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make⁉️ America wants to show you both what d…

The rims got rocked in last night's @sixers vs. @okcthunder game! ?

listen to GT- R sound?

Me: I'm finally starting to feel happy My depression:

OMG Kim Yugyeom dancing to BLACKPINK "As if your last day", our precious maknae looking happy ?❤ @GOT7Official…

the way he was chewing and then posed with the forks when he noticed the camera was filming him. PLS THIS MAN HAS M…

This is amazing!!! ?

Ex: “Do you miss me?” Me:

French bulldog watching over her puppies after a C Section

I've never laughed so much before loool I'm in tears. Take this L and move on @rioferdy5

Nicki Minaj when she sees Stormi

He really asked if Kobe could handle The Big 3 😂 (via @thebig3)


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➪ #임여진 . *⊹˚ im yeojin © loona on the sky ⍈ 180819

Zion and R.J. are gonna be fun this season #DukeCanadaTour 🇨🇦 (via @TSN_Sports)

Historic. Unstoppable. 😡 Number 27 for @JosefMartinez17

There it is! @JosefMartinez17 ties the record for most goals scored in a single MLS season. #ATLvCLB