That Gardy grit putting in the work.
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.@kimguilfoyle on race story hoaxes: "Remember 'hands up, don't shoot?' It really stimulates in a negative way raci…

?| Harry performing on X Factor Italia tonight. November 9, 2017 ©matteopelusi

A drone was key in finding this missing woman with dementia

the #DOLANTWINS are back and they're dropping fresh new merch and flying to london so y'know just your average Thur…

? @KingJames averaged a double-double vs. the Rockets in 2016-17. #CavsRockets || #AllForOne

Real-life 'Iron Man' breaks world record for fastest speed in a jet suit: 32.02 mph.


Monsta X entering Music Bank! ? They gave hot packs to everyone❤️

Aaron Judge wins his first career #SilverSlugger Award.

Congratulations to Aaron Judge on winning the AL Silver Slugger award in his rookie year ??

[VID] #SEVENTEEN - Oh My! Point Choreography 1) cupid dance to shoot carats’ hearts 💎❤️🏹 2) oh my! dance (they ask…

🔴 LIVE from J|Medical: @Cristiano meets the fans ⚪⚫️📸✍️ #CR7DAY #CR7JUVE

G⚽️AL MORNING!! 🎂Happy Birthday Busi! 🎊Hope you are having a great day🎉


This film was made in 1947... We've come so far....?

his lil run . why so cute

I can't stop watching Pogba's Shaku Shaku... Giving us the Shaku Shaku we didn't see all through the WC in the Fina…

#WorldCup - ✅ Now, just three more weekends before the @PremierLeague returns...

Greetings from Team Vancouver. #ALDUB3Years Celebrate3years withADN @gracebardel

Pogba's Shakaeu Shakaeu, We Global now...