Sun on the horizon ??✌?️
By @ThatBucketList | 4 months ago

Cue Country Roads at the Coliseum for @WVUhoops! #HailWV

Y’all just want Taehyung to be the killer so you can use this video again #BTSoutcastD4

ARMYs fighting over "Seokjin or Taehyung" like: #BTSoutcastD4

.@RepMarkMeadows on new Clinton probe: "If the attorney general is willing to be transparent, we'll applaud him...…

i can’t take this anymore #BTSoutcastD4

.@TG3II breaks loose! 26-yard gain ??? #ATLvsLAR #LARams

every theory out there & my 3 functioning brain cells #BTSoutcastD4

A t-Rex conducting the Jurassic park theme songs has to be the best thing I’ve seen all day

Seungri : BLACKPINK In Your Areaaaa~a ?? #BLACKPINK_HOUSE

Me walking through the halls at school

A bus company employee in Maine told a group of passengers they had to be US citizens in order to ride a bus after…


my mic was on while I was tryna screen record this video fdndjdndh

We know the depths this Administration will go to now to push their hateful agenda. The President with his lying…

Senegal⁠ fans cleaning their section before leaving the stadium after an historic victory. Class act!

.@SecNielsen: "...this administration did not create a policy of separating families at the border."

GOAL! What a moment for @MoSalah! 🙌 #EGY #RUSEGY #WorldCup

NEW VIDEO: “First Kisses & Pride Parties: LGBTQ Roundtable”: 🌈 (RT for a chance to win a f…

RT to be the next shoutout on the vlog🖤 Landon tries to teach Jackson how to swim the hard way Baby Pushes Broth…

Today we remember the great Lou Gehrig, who was born on this day in 1903.