Stan Twitter tonight. #GRAMMYs
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Shining and shimmering gown for the Box Office Queen. I love you both! ? #KathNielStarMagicBall2017

Our kween has arrived! Thank you Sir Francis! @delavinkisses #StarMagicBall2017 KISSES 1stStarMagicBall

Goals in 2017: ⚽ Harry Kane: 36 ⚒️ West Ham: 35

Bye, IKEA– it's all about fungus furniture.

In every village, we will set up a minimum of 5 varieties of fruits, where only children below 15 years of age can…

Antifa super violent in Gothenburg. Smoke bombs, flash bangs going off. Trash cans beaten. RETWEET.

How @MushroomInc is looking for Wifi Signal ??? #JinjaKiiraFest17

"How can you not rate Harry Kane." Me:

Assad carried out more than 50 air strikes across Idlib today, killing dozens of civilians, and terrorizing this fa…

this is how baekhyun suddenly comes out of nowhere and ruin your bias list im weak h e l p


To Perth! 👋


.@statedeptspox announces @SecPompeo’s upcoming travel to the #UN for meetings, to @Reagan_Library for remarks on…

A viral video of this police officer playing basketball with local kids sparked an entire movement

Boo’d Up ✨

There are no hard feelings between Greg Popovich and Tony Parker.

Kawhi Leonard shouldn’t worry about being stuck in Toronto, he’s already got a friend working on getting him out (…

A scene from the new Queen movie #BohemianRhapsodyMovie

My new video! This is my brothers journey being hard of hearing and getting surgery to be able to hear. I love my b…