Spider-Man 3 on PC still has the greatest quick time event fail ever
By @Nittomata | 2 months ago

A first game hat trick ??? That's a heck of a start for @cmcdavid97. #NHLFaceOff

.@kevinlove outlet passes are BACK. HIGHLIGHTS →

Tristan asking Toni out on a date. ? #KathNielLLSDate

Will you take on the Galactic Assault as Darth Maul or Rey? Star Wars Battlefront II is in open beta until 10/9:…

Video content : Hot JR Look at that sweat tf Stop flirting while took out the ear piece pls

When Rugrats used to be on in the morning u wake up like

i’m screaming jungkook really loves looking at himself, he stopped as soon as his face wasn’t showed anymore

Digging to China ?

When Chanyeol sang "Hey Mama" and introduced himself as ChanBaekXi because he wanted to be a part of CBX

Give and you shall receive, KAT

Former CEO of Michael Jackson's record label Jerry Greenberg has invited @BTS_twt to be part of a tribute song for…

The Thirteenth Doctor gets ready for San Diego @Comic_Con... brick by brick. See you tomorrow, #DoctorWho fans!


Brian Dawkins in his prime (Via @dhatgirlamazing)

Avenged Sevenfold "So far away"

#HelsinkiHysteria – @RepAndyBiggsAZ: @realDonaldTrump let everyone know he had substantive discussions with Putin.…

We see you, @kylekuzma. #ESPYS (📍@CapitalOne)

Spider-themed suit for @spidadmitchell 👌

The Media called President Trump a traitor - and then we found out he just negotiated a major peace deal in the Mid…

Sobey ’s in Canada, a White man accuses the brother of being an “illegal alien” & won’t let him leave the store. He…