Some hear Laurel, some hear Yanny... but everyone needs to hear this 🔥🔥🔥😱
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Sarah Sanders destroys Jim Acosta and fake news at latest briefing. Love the passion press sec Sanders spoke with…

I don't know why Donald Trump is surprised. When the cops want to talk to you, it's usually about a crime.

I can't let you go I said I want you #SHINee

TWICE's interview @ Music Station~~

Eric Bolling: “I read today and almost choked, Bill Kristol may run for President" Kellyanne Conway: “Of this cou…

@theseoulstory Probably they're embarrassed by hyuna tripping during the performance or shall I say hyuna fell for…

jungkook: [hasnt posted in two years] IU: i’ve decided to join twitter jungkook:

Tiffany #OverMySkin MV Behind The Scene from Seo Sookyung VLOG


a baby bear is dancing at the three bears song🐻

WATCH: Rare interview with Mary and Fred Trump about their son @realDonaldTrump (1992)

Kerala needs one big assist, let's all do our bit.

180817 Kang Daniel Done with Melbourne’s concert~ i had a lot of fun with Australian Wannable ❤️

People forget that this was Aretha. One of the best TV intros of all time.

jaemin was pinching chenle’s cheeks and chenle called jisung and said he’ll swap places with him 😭😭

Jaehyun singing along to his part in Touch 💚

Blackpink x Olens making film.

#CHEARS has delivered some special strikes over the years - including this @didierdrogba stunner for @ChelseaFC...

16 new stadiums, 200+ new headscans. @LaLiga in #FIFA19 👌

MK: in my opinion, jaemin’s hair colour is pretty CL: and me? RJ: chenle too MK: chenle’s is like... i like i like…