Semi attacking! #NBARooks
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Jags offensive line is feeling it.

#KyrieIrving goes off for 40 PTS, 7 REB, 5 AST for the @Celtics at home! #Celtics

Most satisfying scene in cinematic history

when reality hits you

in the dark - empty arena #CamilaCabello #BestSoloBreakout #iHeartAwards

"Wiis are for casual gamers"

As an immigrant myself, I am tired of being called the worst of the worst, tired of hearing Mexicans called rapists…

Shawn Michaels with the greatest super kick of all time on Shelton Benjamin !

Blake Bortles has his doubters. And heading into the AFC championship, the Jaguars have used it as a rallying cry.

xxxtentacion mom announce that Cops told her that they arrested the shooters in xxxtentacion murder.: via

put your hands down, jiminie! 🤣

"I May Not be the Good example for my Fans but I Never Mislead them" - #THALA The Words Reflects his PURITY 💗…

2 HOURS TO GO! #Thalapathy62FLAt6PM

Micon Interview_ #EXO #엑소 EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn in HONG KONG #7 #CHANYEOL #찬열…

[VIDEO] 180621 Micon Interview_ EXO 엑소 EXO PLANET #4 -The EℓyXiOn in HONG KONG #7: The Special Interview for a worl…

In Indonesia, activists are recycling food from weddings to feed the poor in Jakarta slums.

the fangirls

180621, @BTS_twt's message for Love Yourself World Tour in Seoul 💖

[#MCOUNTDOWN On-Air] @SHINee Congratulations!!🏆🥇 This week’s winner is #SHINee_IWantYou #SHINee 💖Encore stage w…