RT to let the Saints know you stand with Wells and find their disrespect of a veteran disgusting.…
By @ThePatriot143 | 7 months ago

[INSTAGRAM STORY VIDEO] xolovestephi: @/hamjiback ?

the birth of bts' mic drop

Hanbin preview of Get it Beauty Flower Boy Rapper ?? D-2!!

we are less than 3 hours away from the album and mv yall im literally not ready @BTS_twt

It takes 300 people, 12,000 parts and a year to make a single Steinway & Sons piano. Here’s how the pianos are made…

Gigi working on that @DianaTaurasi stroke #wristwork #wnbafinals we r hype for the rematch!

[TBS: Fact in Star] @BTS_twt mentioned for promoting Seoul, South Korea to the world (I Seoul U)

yoongi named this choreo as "gum thats stuck underneath your foot" i cant breathe #BTS_DNA_TODAY

Cvstos in all black with black diamonds ?

[INSTAGRAM STORY VIDEO] xolovestephi: Dinner ✅ Dessert ✅

I will stick with my blue FNB Card

@j_blsri0 One way to find out @j_blsri0! Drop by to our Facebook page at 4PM and catch them duel it out in the…

[LOTTE DUTY FREE] LDF '냠' Campaign With SuperJunior น่ารักมากกกกกก😍😍😍

@YamZonEmpire @mwtrendsetter @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_ We're excited too! Fizz up your afternoon with the…


OUT NOW @Mercer_Music @jermainedupri 👉🏽

All Kanye cared about was his @PopeyesChicken 😂 via Kim’s IG.

@mwtrendsetter @maymayentrata07 @Barber_Edward_ Can wait so see guys later! Get ready for this afternoon and feel t…


i luv u #WannaOneInSJ #WannaoneinSanJose #WannaOneWorldTour