RG with fan in Gujarat #IAmGujaratIAmCongress
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Happy Birthday to queen @iamcardib ?

"Protect Eminem at all cost"

everything about this fancam is just sensual

Iframe ko na sa wakas. One of the most difficult I made. Ang shaakkit sa mata.? But I love it! Denim Art…

#SNL premiered 42 years ago today. See our ranked list of all 145 cast members

Love to see you guys supporting the new covers! Keep tagging us, we see you all ❤️?

[Sole Player] SF9 3rd Mini Album 『Knights of the Sun』 Release D-1 #인성 #INSEONG ? #SF9 #에스에프나인 #오솔레미오 #OSoleMio☀

This Panama ball boy single handedly sending his country to the World Cup.

the way Jungkook was looking at Taehyung during his part in fun boyz stFu that’s so hot

NYC, get ready for tonight's special event with @MartinGarrix! Follow us for LIVE coverage:

Taehyung saying 'waiting for you anpanman' is what we all needed on loop

Hey jimin.. you're nice.. keep going #PremiosMTVMiaw #MTVBRKPOPBTS #MTVLAKPOPBTS @BTS_twt

Wink + finger heart + flying kiss!!!

Rep. Scott questions Secretary DeVos about the PROSPER Act: Scott: The PROSPER ACT provides for a $15 billion cut…

Uptown funk was honestly one of the best covers Niall ever sang, HE KEPT RUFFLING HIS HAIR AND KEPT GIGGLING AND SI…

This race isn’t about me or solely #CA48 This race is about flipping congress and moving the American people forw…

here’s a loop of minseok hurrying to take a picture and baekhyun’s laugh ㅋㅋ

Tennessee to ban all sanctuary cities

The Japanese drama Signal used @BTS_twt song again for the BGM of the scene for Kentaro Sakaguchi’s restaurant scen…

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