On David Haye
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this video being recorded by Mexicans makes it 100x funnier

I love Mexicans bro

? | Harry waving the Bi and Trans flags tonight in Austin. • October 11, 2017.

“this is a family show” “or is it?” nose si morirme o morirme, la carita chau

Full interview with Commissioner Roger Goodell and @Nate13Burleson regarding the National Anthem.

Aroldis Chapman, WTF 102mph cutting Fastball. ?

I love this

i can't believe mnet really replayed it closely and slowly just to see if hoseok and seokjin really kissed omfg


Every squeak you make, every lick I take, I'll be watching you! Thanks deeztheboxer for this vid Join #9GAGFunOff ?…

taehyung trying to make eye contact with the fan while holding her hands even when she got all nervous and shy omg…


It's up guys. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy 🍿👽 2018 CONSPIRACY THEORIES YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF w/ @jccaylen

The average cashier at McDonald's would have to work for 895 years to make what the company's CEO makes in one year…

⚔Thank the gods! #Vikings returns this November. #WhoWillRise ⚔

Join the hunt in #MHGU as Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Why is @jimmybutler always dressed up like @Neymarjr? 😂 (via @AustinRivers25)

FIRST LOOK: the extended SEASON 9 TRAILER is here. #TWD #SDCC

In Faisalabad but haven’t reached the venue of Jalsa yet. I am sorry for the delay. There is a huge crowd of the pe…

Get a first look a the third season of Young Justice: Outsiders that’s coming to the DC Universe streaming service!…