Off to a good start. #DTWD #JAXvsPIT
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and this is why women live longer than men

Are you ready to go to Disneyland?!?

Officer responding to Las Vegas shooting: "I can hear the automatic fire coming from ... one floor above us"

BREAKING: ANTIFA Literature Found In Shooter's Vegas Hotel Room Says Hostage Rescue Team

Witness: I didn’t see people trampling, “I saw everybody picking someone up if they got tripped or knocked down”

Tom Petty was so generous with his musical knowledge & his work with other musicians bolstered the mystical brother…

In 2009, Tom Petty let @HRC use a cover of his song to fight Prop 8. To this day, we still won't back down. #RIP

I have a new program I'd like you to be part of. Listen and subscribe:

Retweet if you watched 'The Fall Guy' ?

Apologies For The Inconsistencies. I'm At You Rappers Necks Now ?? #WoWoWoChallenge Cc: @kreptplaydirty…

ARMY! Stream Fake Love by @BTS_twt , and help us get that RIAA with #GoldForSuga 📀! Let's share our screenshots 💜…

An All-Star walk-off Story! 🌟📚

Bring me the Horizon "Drown"

This is the best thing I've seen today!


da new youngblood 🐺 lmaooo it thinks my hand is another person bc i move it so much when i sing i’m dead y’all…



What a day in Paris. #WorldCup (via chafikkassis/Instagram)

Teachers are some of the most dedicated people in this country. But teachers are getting crushed by student loans &…