OKAY - 11th Migu music awards (2/2)??? #JacksonWang #잭슨 #王嘉尔 #GOT7
By @daisyyfields | 6 months ago

Up, down, up, down

"This is why controllers get smashed" ?

Happy Birthday, Marines! It is truly an honor to be married to Devil Dog. Home of the Free, Because of the Brave.…

The EℓyXiOn deserves They Never Know

Jason Williams fakes the behind-the-back pass and gets the easy bucket, 2003 ?

We had A BLAST filming the #FANTASY music video with @llama_ajol! Watch it on @YouTube!

Mike x Vory - Lost me (prod by. Louis Bell)

Trump v Duterte: Who said what?

Wasssup bathroom cover agaaaain.. Honey// Kehlani ?

Kathryn greeting Kuya Bradley's son a happy birthday. So sweet! ❤️

This DHA vehicle with official number plates taking down PMLN posters ahead of elections on July 25.

#WOOZI: i was going to answer but i suddenly forgot what to say....i’m sorry...oh! i remember! #SEUNGKWAN: 😂😂😂…

Bacon Wrapped Burger Roll FULL RECIPE HERE:

This 11-year-old boy began drawing professionally at the age of 8, creating incredible lifelike art.

#WATCH A portion of tent in PM Narendra Modi’s rally in Midnapore collapsed during his speech today. PM instructed…

Back where it all began! My home town! Thank you everyone in Braine-le-Comte and all those that went to the Hazard…

⚽🏆 WORLD CUP GOLDEN BALL 🇭🇷 @lukamodric10

I'm proud to lead a party founded by trade unions, supported by trade unions and am proud to be a trade unionist my…

[VID] #SEVENTEEN - Oh My! Point Choreography 1) cupid dance to shoot carats’ hearts 💎❤️🏹 2) oh my! dance (they ask…

🔴 LIVE from J|Medical: @Cristiano meets the fans ⚪⚫️📸✍️ #CR7DAY #CR7JUVE