Never let reality get in the way of austerity, that's the Tory motto!
By @DerbyChrisW | 8 months ago

TBOS 23: "NITPICKING" Instead of moving the country forward, some would prefer to stay stuck in nitpicking. See wh…

After Tuesday, recreational marijuana is practically a sure thing in NJ

The Frasers set sail to find Young Ian, but it won't be easy. A new #Outlander airs this Sunday on @STARZ.…

Heavy dot com doxxes Roy Moore accuser, media blames it on me

Motivate Motivate 2x ❤️??✨ RT & SHOW

Rich Evans was right. @Kotaku

harry's reaction when he said "i anus you" in italian instead of "i love you" was priceless NEVER LET THIS DIE

One Wish - Ray J

Almost hit @jkcorden’s head! ? Here’s me doing ? target practice on the #latelateshow

fight me but taehyung is the cutest kitten ever

180818 Knowing Bros #lucas #nct ©️6sec_mark

IMAGINE HAVING A PRESIDENT LIKE THIS. 🔥🇮🇩#OpeningCeremonyAsianGames2018

Our Official Trailer!!! In Cinemas starting August 29, 2018! #TheHowsOfUsTrailer

Official Trailer | 'The Hows Of Us' via #TheHowsOfUsTrailer

Watch it on Youtube. #TheHowsOfUsTrailer Official Trailer | 'The Hows Of Us'

iKONICS singing For You for iKON while waiting for encore ❤❤ #iKONTINUEinSEOUL

[ROUGH trans.] Hanbin: "today while we were rehearsing... when i was in the restroom.. when we were doing WIN... i…

New season, new club. Here's how to fix your CR7 shirt 😉

Sooooo I have a surprise... I posted something fun with Solana check it out if u want 😜

[ENG SUB] Reporter talks about EXO "From what I heard, they caused a huge commotion. A new group with all the memb…