NYPD officers knock man off bicycle, claim it was for riding against traffic, which video belies, then claim he had…
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Debuting our new secondary logo! #RaiseTheStandard ???

Chicago teacher places flag on the ground for kids to walk on. This is the next level indoctrination.

Retweet if you agree this is one of the greatest comedy moments ever ?

New Postmortem. The hot daga inexplicably persists and we answer some piping hot Q’s. #BuzzFeedUnsolved…

Not one, not two, not three... but 4️⃣ running backs with 15+ carries this year. #RBU

BaekChen synchronization level is awesome the way they replied in the same time with one voice is so amazing as exp…

Did yall see KOOKIE'S TROPHY DANCE?????? ???????????? @BTS_twt #BTS3rdWin #DNA

The @WhiteHouse on their #taxreform proposal: "It's not a tax cut for the rich." Fact checkers: It's a tax cut fo…

Puerto Rico resident commissioner responds to Trump admin: “This is not a ‘good news story’”

We got West 4th lit real quick ! #TheBiggerArtist

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That's smooooth


smol pupper faceplant

A new dawn. A new era. A new chapter. #WelcomeUnai

📝 DEAL DONE: Arsenal have appointed Unai Emery as the club's new manager. (Source: @Arsenal)

.@bakedincolor makes these cookies that are almost too pretty to eat 🌈

If you only watch one thing today.... ISIS has nothing to do with Islam!

Imagine spending 18 years in jail for a crime you didn't commit ... even after the real criminal confessed.

I literally choked while laughing 😂🤣 Yoruba has to be the best language ever😭