NEW MUSIC on the way from DRAKE ????
By @DailyLoud | 5 months ago

The way Jimin goes "what?"& says he wants to raise a tiger after Yoongi says he wants a bear makes them sound like…

San Juan mayor: Maria hit us very hard, but she is nothing compared to the force we're going to unleash to rebuild

Here's what would happen to Jimmy Kimmel's son if the Graham-Cassidy health care bill passes

Rep Jason Lewis: "There has always been this strain of righteousness that OK's violence within the hard left."…

Ball is Life or Bae is Life? ?

Most Loved MegaStar Ever @BeingSalmanKhan :) #5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing #5YrsOfBeingHumanClothing #BeingHuman

A lot of ppl ask me what they can do 4 #BeingHuman.I tell them u just come out of ur house&look left/right&see who…

" Pehle Apny Aap Ko Set Karlo Phir Charity Karna, First take care of your family.- @BeingSalmanKhan #BeingHuman

Fake Pro-#TrumpRussia Twitter accounts weaponizing propaganda. #TheResistance needs to tell everyone. #ImpeachTrump

"100% Profit from the clothing line [of #BeingHuman] support education and healthcare initiatives of the foundation…


da new youngblood 🐺 lmaooo it thinks my hand is another person bc i move it so much when i sing i’m dead y’all…



What a day in Paris. #WorldCup (via chafikkassis/Instagram)

Teachers are some of the most dedicated people in this country. But teachers are getting crushed by student loans &…

When you realize you now have a whole new set of players to blame when things go wrong in the playoffs

🎥 Led by Mykhailiuk's 19 points, five Lakers reach double-digit scoring as they down the Pistons, 101-78 #LakersWin

France's World Cup win shows us that a successful football team doesn't mean a successful society

Smh Canela pawned my chain to get a pedicure and then left me for a new family 😞