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By @HaileeSteinfeld | 1 week ago

Rep. Frederica Wilson says John Kelly lied about her in the White House briefing: "How dare he."

John #McCain: Admits he obtained the #Russian #Dossier & gave it to Comey! It is time for McCain to step aside.

first of all, how dare you second, the piercing third, im dying bye

Jimin’s drawings of chimchim is so cute~ and he’s adorable how he said he even named it!

Congrats on the no.1 album @NiallOfficial -a beautiful piece of work. If ye havent seen it yet, here's #Flicker live

he is enjoying his time here and this makes me smile so much ? [cr. mint a boy]

Rep. Wilson says Gen. Kelly's words don't apply to Sgt. Johnson: "That is not a good message ... He was abandoned"

incase you’re having a bad day and need something to make you laugh here’s a video of seokjin getting scared by eve…

ctfuu Jennie's face after Jisoo's power kick ??

#BREAKING – TN doctors call to boycott Vijay’s #Mersal; They claim the film portrays doctors in poor light|…

French bulldog watching over her puppies after a C Section

I've never laughed so much before loool I'm in tears. Take this L and move on @rioferdy5

Nicki Minaj when she sees Stormi

He really asked if Kobe could handle The Big 3 😂 (via @thebig3)


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➪ #임여진 . *⊹˚ im yeojin © loona on the sky ⍈ 180819

Zion and R.J. are gonna be fun this season #DukeCanadaTour 🇨🇦 (via @TSN_Sports)

Historic. Unstoppable. 😡 Number 27 for @JosefMartinez17

There it is! @JosefMartinez17 ties the record for most goals scored in a single MLS season. #ATLvCLB