Moves like jagger #เป๊กผลิตโชค
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pugs not drugs

This folding firearm is the size of a credit card

Only 3️⃣0️⃣ more days. ??? #HereComesDuke ???

.@LindseyGrahamSC on health care: This is a choice between socialism and federalism... @POTUS has done everything i…

Be warned! They're ferocious beasts ??

so taeil made a wrong move and laughed while checking if johnny saw him ?????????

exo brought "the eve" performance to the highest level and exols fanchants are louder than the music ??? #SOBA_EXO

Ten days to go before the much-anticipated and star- studded Starmagic ball. Yay!

Twenty One Pilots "Stressed Out "

JM sound so sad when he said that JK lost too much weight, probably thats why he was so happy to see the jk chubby…

180620 yixing came back out to greet fans 💜 #LAYxValentino #SHEEPInParis #WelcomeBackToParisLay #VALENTINOMENSS19…

he really went out just to say hi to his fans i'M CRYING?????? cr. KyungsooIsEvil #LayxValentino @weareoneEXO

[VIDEO] 180620 Lay arriving at #VALENTINOMENSS19 #LayxValentino @MaisonValentino @weareoneEXO


she’s not sorry

The King has arrived y'all *drum rolls* He looks so fckng expensive #LayxValentino @weareoneEXO


The Acting Director of ICE can't bring himself to say that separating families is humane, yet he insists on continu…

MOMOLAND 4TH MINI ALBUM <Fun to The World> "BAAM" M/V Teaser 2 - 2018. 06. 26 18:00 Release -…

MOMOLAND 4TH MINI ALBUM <Fun to The World> "BAAM" SHUFFLE DANCE Teaser - 2018. 06. 26 18:00 Release - #모모랜드…