#Mersal World Premiere Show in Grand Rex : 500 seats sold in 24 hrs. Grand Large show just after Kabali and Baahuba…
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13 years ago today.. LOST premiered, and changed television forever.

Lee Hi's IG: "Thank you all???" #Happy22LeeHi


.@RepMaxineWaters we want to know how did you afford it? It has nothing to do with race, stop using this excuse lik…

Melania Trump of all people urged the UN to set an example for the next generation

THE WAIT IS OVER! #HURRYUP - the NEW MUSIC VIDEO from #FUTUREFRIENDS - is here! Watch it on @YouTube:

Launching a campaign with @RedCross to support #MexicoEarthquakeRelief. Please join me by donating at…

#EzraMiller went from vacation to #JusticeLeague in a ⚡️.

Pretty sure that @ianbohen loves the #TeenWolf fandom more than life itself.

Happy Birthday, #賴冠霖 #LaiKuanlin, the tall maknae and chic rapper of #WannaOne~! #Happy_Kuanlin_Day #KCON17LA

Today @NaomiCampbell Happy Birthday my 👸🏾 🎂🎉 so much love and respect ✊🏿 #blackexcellence

kim junmyeon, president of reveluv fanclub & a proud senior 😂

#GCSEs2018 #aqageography Turning over the page of my geography exam to find yet another 6 mark question

don’t be alarmed ma’am, but there’s definitely a bear in your car. (chowderthebeardog IG)

A brand new team, in a brand new world. Check out the trailer for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Advent…

I am in love.

cis men are the dumbest people on earth and heres proof

WATCH: The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex step out for their first official engagement as a married couple! They’re…

Bronny Jr gettin up there😳 via @overtime

This Cherokee student says he was discriminated against for using his tribal ID card at a university checkpoint