Links para ver el Music Bank a las 5 pm KST (5 am Argentina)
By @bamtyoongi | 2 weeks ago

Give it up for Tavaris!

Embrace the phenomenon. A new episode of #TheXFiles airs tomorrow at 8/7c. ?

Today's RUN ep showed us a lot of things but the most important one was that Namjin will always, ALWAYS, remain sup…

Been working out ?. Told the guys, but nobody wants to listen!

I learned some interesting words from Penelope Cruz, or as they say in Spanish, Penélope Cruz.

parents: “so if your friends jump off a cliff you’re going to jump too???” me:

The socialist mayor of Paris must be so proud: Several metro stations have become no-go areas because of violent ju…

Meet McCUTCH. #SFGiants

a millennial in 2018

.@SenThomTillis on border security: “People are getting harmed every single day.” #OutnumberedOT

180620 yixing came back out to greet fans 💜 #LAYxValentino #SHEEPInParis #WelcomeBackToParisLay #VALENTINOMENSS19…

he really went out just to say hi to his fans i'M CRYING?????? cr. KyungsooIsEvil #LayxValentino @weareoneEXO

[VIDEO] 180620 Lay arriving at #VALENTINOMENSS19 #LayxValentino @MaisonValentino @weareoneEXO


she’s not sorry

The King has arrived y'all *drum rolls* He looks so fckng expensive #LayxValentino @weareoneEXO


The Acting Director of ICE can't bring himself to say that separating families is humane, yet he insists on continu…

MOMOLAND 4TH MINI ALBUM <Fun to The World> "BAAM" M/V Teaser 2 - 2018. 06. 26 18:00 Release -…

MOMOLAND 4TH MINI ALBUM <Fun to The World> "BAAM" SHUFFLE DANCE Teaser - 2018. 06. 26 18:00 Release - #모모랜드…