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10 years ago, UNC mascot Jason Ray died tragically. Tonight, we celebrate his story through the lives he saved.

LIVE from Opening Night with pregame coverage of the @Celtics and @Cavs! #NBAonTNT #TNTOT

"I don't understand the philosophy of 'I've got to be the man.' I want to win." Chuck on Kyrie & LeBron.…

Ready fur tomorrow! #GoSpursGo

here is a rabbit playing in leaves to brighten your day

Beating heart during cardiac surgery..

Sierra Sky for Miami Swim Week 2017

You're invited to discover places unknown in #PixarCoco, coming November 22. ✨

the last 40 seconds of jasmine aka the best PARTTTTTT

DPR LIVE doing his little speech and being so grateful and introducing the other dpr members, a legendary first con…

i’m never getting over this era, it was just WOW, my king

Who’s ready to RT?! Up for a challenge?? GET #8Lettersvideo to 1 million views in 12 hrs?! #Limelights 8 Letters -…

Man people just can't get enough of Sam Darnold these days man 😂😂

This little boy with diabetes has an amazing dog who can sense changes in his blood sugar ❤️️

he roll

Me 0.1 seconds into Slime Language

.@EvilGeniuses are going to the GRAND FINALS! @TeamKaliber will play @FaZeClan in Losers Finals.…

IT'S HAPPENING: @MichaelKopech5 is coming to Chicago! Tuesday night vs. Minnesota, #NextSox becomes #WhiteSox. Get…

this video should make your Sunday 100 x better 😂😂

Serious IndyCar Crash At Pocono Raceway