I didn’t know how badly I needed a video of a bear getting smashed in the nuts until right this second. That was aw…
By @BarstoolBigCat | 6 days ago

BTS arrived safely at LAX airport and LOOK HOW CLOSE SHE GOT TO THEM! THANK YOU FOR THE LIVESTREAM @_yourgalaxy…

That Purple Ribbon BS didn't last 20 seconds

First Betsy DeVos. Now Mick Mulvaney. Why does the Trump administration insist on screwing over students again and…

An 8-year old Lionel Messi playing football. Brilliant!

Today, @SecPompeo welcomed #UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh @abzayed to the @StateDept.

Yessssss!! @wjhughes19 fkin love it #dcfc #dcfcfans 💙🐑

me dancing my way over to the microwave when it beeps and my food ready

$$$ KILL YOURSELF HOE rolling loud miami flawless victory

A single strike can alter the course of history.

yes, this is the type of content i like to see on my tl

Every time Justin Trudeau starts losing, he responds by rigging the rules to benefit himself. Today I demanded answ…

The 8th amendment prevents nothing but the safety and dignity of our fellow citizens. I hope you'll join me in gran…

My relationship with the Indy 500 is a complicated one... 😂😂

*telling a joke in the YGO world* A horse walks into a bar. Barman says

Watch Bryce Harper retake the NL lead in homers.

2yeon is that ship who’s fighting over anything all the time, but when one of them hurt or crying, They’ll be the f…

Boston’s police commissioner is leading 400+ police chiefs in a fight against the NRA

The @warriors came out fast with a 12-0 run to start Game 4! #DubNation #NBAPlayoffs

"Siri, show me a player who is shook." SIRI:

Harden shook? 🤔