Howon i missed you ????
By @mikamitamura | 3 months ago

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR pump fakes from @Giannis_An34 ?

Giannis vs. LeBron fast break ?

LeBron James EMPHATICALLY rejects Giannis Antetokounmpo!

Uh...Delly just put LeBron on skates.

They think they're so smart having Obama Stump for them after he's lost over 1000 seats in last 9years. Losers!

the cast accidentally calling each other by their real names

Bron blocks Giannis ? ?

Love is... how MaiChard looks at each other. #ALDUBxEBLoveis

LeBron says “No” in Greek

making memories with boyfriend yoongi (part one) cr: moon bean on yt

I knew this was too random 😅 ... from now on we have to be careful with everything BTS does! Even the smallest brea…

180527 Aladdin Fansign another angle of jikook coming out from the building together💘 cr FOR_THE_F1RST

the cutest bfs

Jurgen Klopp at 6am this morning. What a man. 🔴

Kihyun was crying so hard and everyone started to cry too 😭 I dont even understand Korean but suddenly I thought ab…

180527 Aladdin Fansign Jikook side by side👏🏻❤️ cr fate_jimin #지민 #정국

yoongi: next question "does yoongi hyung only know yoongi hyung's studio passcode?" but actually someone knew it an…


dance practice - jungkook's part

jimin: why was taehyung the last member to be revealed when jimin was the last member to join the group? bts: yeah…