Hello @mainedcm ! Happy new year!! ? #ALDUB2018
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bambam1a - I Miss My Baby?❤️

?: we'll let you hear one verse of the song. one verse? fans: YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! RV: ...... ?: *realizes its too muc…

When a dwarf sends another dwarf for a hotdog. ?

Moncler Instagram Story  #SEHUN This is really not a joke!!!!

I couldn't even do this with my eyes open. ??

I’m crying ??

did he just.. OF COURSE HE WOULD vid cr. theultimatedodo @ youtube

171116 michele030v instagram update. #SEHUN

bambam1a: I Miss My Baby?❤️

kihyun was getting a bit heated correcting that the banner should be MONSTA X not monster x ? hyungwon had to cut h…

Marvel’s #SpiderManPS4 story trailer has been revealed, featuring Miles Morales and Silver Sable! #SDCC2018

Never forget.

While #LFC and @OfficialASRoma finalised the details of his transfer on Wednesday evening, @Alissonbecker received…

This is the worst umpire call I’ve ever seen 😳

Maxine Waters district 43 is the worst in Los Angeles. She has been an elected official for 28 years & her district…

Silver Sable makes her #SpiderManPS4 debut in this spectacular new story trailer debuted at #SDCC2018! More details…

The third and final pre-order bonus suit is the Velocity Suit! Designed by acclaimed comic book and film costume de…

Best Friends Forever 😢

When nobody at the panel asked Jason about Classified..

Can we get a...? #Brooklyn99 #SDCC