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bibi jungkook what is it??

i was like 'aww they're so adorable' and then hoseok made me laugh at the end

THE BOYZ 'Thanks 2017' #THEBOYZ #더보이즈 #소년 #BOY

<Every DAY6 Concert> The Memories of 2017 #DAY6 #EveryDAY6

Bts really take the word extra to a whole other meaning , they are always so happy and cheerful.


its so cute when jungkook does this im dying he's doing it to the beat of the music in the background

junmyeon: to our exols, please get involved with us a lot~ ?? junmyeon is also wearing the RIP JH pin today on his…

everyone was in suits while bangtan is wearing their go go outfits, they look so carefree and cute

MC Junmyeon is back! so handsome~~ ?

Marvel’s #SpiderManPS4 story trailer has been revealed, featuring Miles Morales and Silver Sable! #SDCC2018

Never forget.

While #LFC and @OfficialASRoma finalised the details of his transfer on Wednesday evening, @Alissonbecker received…

This is the worst umpire call I’ve ever seen 😳

Maxine Waters district 43 is the worst in Los Angeles. She has been an elected official for 28 years & her district…

Silver Sable makes her #SpiderManPS4 debut in this spectacular new story trailer debuted at #SDCC2018! More details…

The third and final pre-order bonus suit is the Velocity Suit! Designed by acclaimed comic book and film costume de…

Best Friends Forever 😢

When nobody at the panel asked Jason about Classified..

Can we get a...? #Brooklyn99 #SDCC