Gearing up for snow fight
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GoldenChild is nominated for Best New Male Artist on MAMA 2017 ♡

Yuta saying that Doyoung practice holding female lead’s hands in the rest room and asked him ‘should I do it this w…


GOT7 and BTOB congratulated NU'EST W??? #NUESTW1stWin

Sorry it took so long for you to receive a trophy? Only flower path, NU'EST??? #NUESTW1stWin

I feels like LOVEs did the fanchants while crying ?????❤ bc same #NUESTW1stWin ?❤

One of the proofs of the miracles that happened to this group ?❤️

Jonghyun couldn't even talk?? it's real guys you won today?

THIS. TOMORROW. 7pm. @NiallOfficial #Flicker

EVERY DUNK From 11-Game Night | #KiaTipOff17

Big Al. @rhyshoskins. Who hits more dingers?

Young people across America are refusing to stay silent about gun violence. They’re speaking out and they’re regist…

.@IndyCar Update from @poconoraceway

i’m never getting over this era, it was just WOW, my king

Who’s ready to RT?! Up for a challenge?? GET #8Lettersvideo to 1 million views in 12 hrs?! #Limelights 8 Letters -…

Man people just can't get enough of Sam Darnold these days man 😂😂

This little boy with diabetes has an amazing dog who can sense changes in his blood sugar ❤️️

he roll

Me 0.1 seconds into Slime Language

.@EvilGeniuses are going to the GRAND FINALS! @TeamKaliber will play @FaZeClan in Losers Finals.…